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this is a short presentation we did on an augmented reality project for avonmore milk

is cool isnt it


today at ctyi we went to facebook which was meg super epicly awsome because it was facebook and we got top see what goes on inside the social network that has everyone is on seriously though i barely know any body who isnt on this amazing and most revolutionary anyways we learned how to use adds on facebook which funnyily enough i have been wondering about for quite some time. it turns out that there are two types of facebook add the worst of the two is the adds which you bidd for and there are four of them on the side of the page then other and much much much much better way of facebook advertising is the premium advertisment which appers on your home page  and although i didnt know that anyone has ever clicked them or will ever click them apperently they do worked thouh i have stoipped all adds from showing up on my page using a special trick


today at ctyi it was day 7 no 8 or maby 9 could have been 13 possibly 11 or was it 10 no it was definately positively surely 11 for sure so anyways we went to the mystical magical world of the pay pal office building which isa really coo place that has table football. the most best part of the whole day was the factthat this cool english guy gave us a presentation that was 1 hour long and was very fun and extermely enjoyable because the englisg guy who was prsenting it was funnywe then went into another room where we designed an app we didnt actually make it because it would have taken too long and we didnt have much time we also had pizza for our lunch which was awsome in a most exteremly awsomely delightful way thats basically it for today il be back on monday after my trip to facebook

good bye


social bookmarking

today at ctyi(centre for talented youth) we learned about social bookmarking i think though we might ave done it before or maby we did not but we might have but i still have many many many many doubts as to if we did or did not touch on this topic but we have done it before wait no we have not we did it today and that is final the end

any ways social bookmarking is a way of expanding your buisness websites like digg do this they can be leaked to other sites such as facebook of bebo haa i said bebo when noone uses it thats not funny but i need to fill up time so im writing this crap down the more links you have on digg the higher the chances of your  site being viewed unless you areon bebo in which case the chances of your site being viewed probobly dont change becase as i said earlier bebo isuseless like noone is on it the guy who owns it should probobly just close the site down and save us from deleting our pages which isboring and takes up massive effort which is annoing



today at ctyi (centre for talented youth ireland ) we learned many things these things could prove useful or they may not but as i am not a mystical magical awsome fortune teller who has been giftes withe the epicly awsome gift of mystical magical foresight in an amazing yet awsome way. anyways the first thing that happened to day was that we were given a powerpoint presentation on ebay it was very very cool. we learned about many of the things about ebay including the fact that people can set up and run an entire buisness on ebay that is tax free we also learned that there are restreictions as to what you can sell on ebay. some of the things that you can not sell are body part which makes sense because selling body parts means that the body part was most likley stolen from someoneand probobly involved their death. you also may not sell tikets for any occasion whatsoever this include gaelic hurling soccer american football rugby auzzie rules hokey ice hokey baseball tennis basketball and even the weird and wonderful sport of canadian football.these are the epic awsome magic dos and donts of the awsome ebay so go buy stuff on ebay now


today at ctyi ( centre for talented youth)  we were looking to help to improve the helix website we had two people helping us their names were conor  (same as me ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ) and alan (which isnt my name a well guess icant have everything my way) they work for various companies and help them to get more traffic to their websites hey do this with the help of advertising on google (this idea works very well and i recomend it for anyone who wants to get more traffic to their website  because it an efficient of getting people to visit your website. although this does cost money it works better than seo( search engine optimisation) as it can get your website into the top three pages and will dramatically increase your chances of getting people to click on your website and you pay per every click onto your page so if no one clicks onto your page then it wont cost you any money which is allways a good thing. conor and alan gave us a presentation on how ads work and how keywords can help you to get your page to number one on the list off websites that come up when you search something on google. when you advertise with google ad words you have to give them your weekly budget and  they amount you pay for each click. it is better to make your weekly budget so that yu have more money to spend on weekdays then on weekends as more searschs  are made on the mondaytuesday wednesday thursday and finally friday this is because most searcher are made by buisnesses and people n search of work and because people can be away from home on a weekend



today in ctyi (centre for talent youth ireland) we learned how to create videos we then learned how to edit videos on animoto which is an easy way to edit videos on the worldwide web. each video is two and a half mins long and can have background music. we filmed outside on regular video cameras so obviously it wasnt top class quality our video was umeand another guy chasing someone around the dublin city university campus while being filmed. it was extremely fun because i like to run fast and that is all that this was. unfotunatly we had a huge amount of troubleediting the video so am sorry to inform youthat it may not be posted on this blog though if i can post it i will. the rest of the time i was playing the worlds hardest game on addicting games and at the moment i am on level 16 which in my opinion is amazing because i have never seen anyone get past level 10 before. there was a great cheer when i beat level 10 because no one thought that it could actually be done but i proved all of them wrong i am still currently playing it and i hope to beat the whole game by the end of the course

we learned all of the forms of camera shots in the morning as well we learned that the extreme long shot is used to set the scene for the video and the regular long shot is used to give a more accurate version of the scene while close ups are used to portray the emotions of a character in the video uoy can use uver the shoulder shots to show the expressions of all of the characters in a conversation while they are talking

the video is finished 1 day later click here to watch it